Erna frá Neðra-Seli

IS1999281100 | Black pinto

Conformation: 7,93


Big and strong, well built four gaited mare. Gaits are even and correct with good leg action.

Erna is the third daughter of Kría that is not possible to show for riding abilities due to injuries. We wonder if is runs in the blood... Erna is a very beautiful four gaited mare, but did not show her best in the conformation judgement since she was aldready 4 months pregnant, and heavy with her "fall" look. We like her a lot, which makes us keep her in our breeding program, she has big strides and pure gaits

Owned by Úrvalshestar

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Breeding Judgement

Head 8,0
Neck 8,0
Back and croup 8,5
Proportions 7,5
Leg quality 8,0
Correctness of legs 8,0
Hooves 8,0
Mane and tail 7,5
Conformation 7,93


  • Galdur Laugarvatni
  • Hlökk Hólum
  • Hervar Sauðárkróki
  • Snælda Lækjamóti
Erna Neðra-Seli