Þrúður frá Holtsmúla 1

IS2014281112 | Chestnut

Conformation: 8,20
Riding Abilities: 7,82
Total: 7,95

Þrúður is a tall, five gaited and very handsome mare with excellent bloodlines. We are hoping she will throw tall horses with big strides, and a beautiful raised, long and high set neck.

Þrúður´s movements have clear beat and big strides.  Her temperament is willing and cooperative.  It would have been great to give her another year in training as she is already so close to first prize.   But our greed to get foals out of her, and lack of time with too many horses to train are the reasons why we have already decided to add her to our breeding program.  We are certain that she will throw promising offspring.

Owned by Úrvalshestar

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Breeding Judgement

Head 7,0
Neck 8,5
Back and croup 8,0
Proportions 8,5
Leg quality 8,0
Correctness of legs 7,5
Hooves 8,5
Mane and tail 8,0
Riding Abilities
Tolt 8,0
Trot 8,0
Pace 7,0
Gallop 8,0
Willingness 8,0
Form under ride 8,0
Walk 8,0
Slow tolt 7,5
Canter 7,5
Conformation 8,20
Riding Abilities 7,82

Total 7,95


  • Sólon Skáney
  • Vök Skálakoti
  • Andvari Ey
  • Þokkadís Hala
Þrúður Holtsmúla 1