Elja frá Neðra-Seli

IS2005281104 | Black pinto

Conformation: 8,24

Beautiful mare with long legs and long neck. A true joy to look at. Four gaited with tolt as the best gait.

Elja is big and handsome mare with a very high judgement for conformation. Her long and raised neck along with her long legs and light body make a very elegant horse to look at. She is four gaited horse, with very good tolt and high action. Elja is homozygous pinto meaning that all her offspring will be pinto.


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Breeding Judgement

Head 7,0
Neck 8,5
Back and croup 8,0
Proportions 9,0
Leg quality 8,5
Correctness of legs 7,0
Hooves 8,0
Mane and tail 8,0
Conformation 8,24


  • Gustur Hóli
  • Dóttla Hvammi
Elja Neðra-Seli