Styrkur frá Kjarri

IS2006187003 | Blue dun

Excellent four gaited competition horse. Four gaited with good gaits and excellent mind. Great for four gait and tolt.

Styrkur has years of training on his resume, and is very well educated in all basic dressage movements such as leg yield in walk, trot and tolt, shoulder in in walk, trot and tolt and ranver in walk, trot and tolt.  Walk pirouettes are easy as well and of course canter left and right lead.  Styrkur, as a result, is an excellent horse to learn from, and is the perfect partner for competition and general riding. 




  • Galsi Sauðárkróki
  • Jónína Hala
  • Orri Þúfu
  • Nunna Bræðratungu
  • Stáli Kjarri
  • Auðna Kjarri
Styrkur Kjarri