Blá frá Holtsmúla 1

IS2007281112 | Silver dapple blue dun

Blá is a talented five gaited mare with great color, pedigree and looks. She is very safe to ride in all five gaits, and a true friend.

Blá has it all, the looks, the gaits, and the color.  She is very easy to ride and has even been trained by the 9 year old living at Holtsmúli.  She promptly and easily obeys commands, and has five distinct gaits.  She is very well bred out of first prize parents, so she is the perfect all around horse that could serve the purposes of being a brood mare, riding horse and great for smaller five gaited competitions.  She equally tolts and trot, and the flying pace is wide open and easy to ride.

Here is Blá when ridden for the first time of our younger daughter, 6 years old

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Blá Holtsmúla 1