Hvöt frá Holtsmúla 1

IS2013281105 | Black

Hvöt is very much a favorite in the barn as she is a joy to ride, easy to control, and very promising as a sport horse. Hvöt is a sister to the World Champion in four gait Hrímnir frá Ósi.

She moves with great suppleness and very nice outline.   She is quite educated in walk and trot, but has not been ridden much in tolt only because we always let the horses in training from our customers come first!   She shows great talent though in tolt, and we think that she is great material for sport.   Super cooperative and a safe and easy ride, light on the reins, very high quality walk with long strides.   She is a small average in size, probably around 137 cm on the withers.


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Hvöt Holtsmúla 1