05. janúar 2017 | News

Training the Icelandic Horses..... An observation... by Peter De Cosemo

For me Icelandic horses are one of the most easy breeds to work with and develop. I have been travelling to Iceland regularly for approximately five years and  More

18. maí 2009 | Articles

Friend or leader?

“Yeah, but he’s my friend and I want to continue to be friends” said a friend of mine stern in her voice. She was at her first clinic with me and the discussion at hand was, as it usually is, how par...  More

04. maí 2009 | Articles

Self confidence

The goal behind initial horse training is to make the trainer the horse’s leader. The leadershiprole is achieved when the horse trusts and respects the trainer. A green horse will show trust for exam...  More

09. febrúar 2009 | Articles


“Have you argued with someone and you parted dissatified?” my riding instructor asked. We stood by a horse that had just arrived to partake in training. The owner of the horse described the horse, am...  More

22. janúar 2009 | Articles

To slam together one´s jaw

“What sound is the horse making?” I asked my riding instructor, as I pointed in secret to a horse that was in the arena . We sat up in the bleachers and waited for the riding lession ahead of ours to...  More

03. janúar 2009 | Articles

Rising trot

"Sit still on the horse," said the  master rider abrasively to a foreign girlfriend of mine who had just began working for him. They were each on a different horse out riding. He rode one of the...  More

03. janúar 2009 | Articles

Are horses mindreaders?

“Mr. Larusson, do you think that horses read the minds of humans?” asked an American horse-enthusiast woman at the end of a lesson a few years ago. “I won’t rule it out, but I reckon it doesn’t happe...  More

03. janúar 2009 | Articles

A few words about endurance

“No pain, no gain” was the motto for all athletic training since before mid-nineteenth century. It was believed that an athlete’s progress would be minimal if that individual did not torment themselv...  More