Blanda frá Hlemmiskeiði

Red with a star

Conformation: 7,96
Riding Abilities: 8,33
Total: 8,18

1. verðlaun

Blanda is a first prize mare that we own two thirds of with Ólafur Haraldsson and Þóra Bjarnadóttir. Blanda is a powerful, fourgaited mare, with pure gaites and very willing. She already as a four year old scored nine for tolt, and as a five and six year old did extremely well in big shows, Landsmót and Fjórðungsmót getting really good first prize. The picture shows Þórður Þorgeirsson riding Blanda in Fjórðungsmót, where Blanda got 8,33 for riding abilities even though she got five for pace.

Breeding Judgement 30. June 2005

Conformation Riding Abilities
Head 8,0 Tolt 9,0
Neck 8,0 Trot 9,0
Back and croup 7,5 Pace 5,0
Proportions 8,0 Gallop 8,5
Leg quality 8,0 Willingness 9,0
Correctness of legs 8,0 Form under ride 9,0
Hooves 8,0 Walk 7,5
Mane and tail 8,0 Slow tolt 8,5
Canter 8,0
Conformation 7,96 Riding Abilities 8,33

Back Total 8,18