Kráka frá Hólum


Conformation: 8,10
Riding Abilities: 8,20
Total: 8,16

1 Verðlaun

Kráka is a four gaited mare with exceptional gaits, especially the tolt. High leg action and very attractive neck.

Kráka is bred by Magnus, but Svanhildur has always trained her and showed her to first prize in a breeding show. Kráka and Svanhildur have been successful in four gaited competitions, both tolt, four gait, and B-class. Kráka is a very beautiful mare, where the neck is unusually well shaped, long and high set. Her basic gaits are all very good, and the tolt is unusually supple with very high leg action. Kráka is a favorite! Kráka did not get pregnant in 2006, so Svanhildur trained her the following winter and Þórður Þorgeirsson brilliantly showed Kráka again in the spring of 2007 for a great breeding judgement. Kráka was in great shape after having four foals in a row, and scored a 9,5 for slow tolt which is fairly uncommon. See the whole judgement below

Breeding Judgement 2. June 2007

Conformation Riding Abilities
Head 8,0 Tolt 9,0
Neck 9,0 Trot 8,5
Back and croup 8,0 Pace 5,0
Proportions 8,0 Gallop 9,0
Leg quality 7,5 Willingness 8,5
Correctness of legs 7,0 Form under ride 9,0
Hooves 8,0 Walk 7,5
Mane and tail 8,0 Slow tolt 9,5
Canter 9,0
Conformation 8,10 Riding Abilities 8,20

Back Total 8,16