22. nóvember 2019 | News

We now have posted 4 new horses for sale

It is November, and we have promised 10 new horses posted up for sale.  More

07. nóvember 2019 | News

Horses for sale

We have decided to put some life on the horses for sale sites in the upcoming weeks! The plan is, more precisely, to dedicate the month of November to  More

15. ágúst 2019 | News

Attention customers with pension horses at Úrvalshestar in Holtsmúli

Please note, that we will be herding in all of the horses "living" in Holtsmúli with us on Tuesday August 20th. All horses will come home, and if you own  More

16. maí 2019 | News

Summer pastures are waiting for the horses

After a calm winter with plenty of hay coming regularly their way every couple of days, summer pastures are finally almost ready to be entered by the horses. Later this month we will start to transfe...  More

08. maí 2019 | News

We offer board for young stallions

Now is the time that horse breeders are wondering which stallion foals to castrate and which stallion foals to keep intact. Úrvalshestar offer board for those young stallions  More

24. desember 2018 | News

Merry Christmas from Úrvalshestar

We wish all our friends and customers a merry Christmas and a happy new year.  More

05. september 2018 | News

We ultrasound the mares with Þráinn on September 13th

We will contact owners of all pregnant mares, but the others will stay with him a little bit longer.  Once Þráinn leaves, the mares that are still here will wait for the final ultr...  More

26. júlí 2018 | News

Þráinn frá Flagbjarnarholti in Holtsmúli, ultrasound on August 13th

We will ultrasound all mares with Þráinn on August 13th, and ask mare owners to be ready to pick up those that are confirmed pregnant.  More