01.07.2018 | News

A very very special deal!

Úrvalshestar are offering 13 selected mares for sale with an extra bonus, and here is how it goes:  If you buy a mare from us before the end of Landsmót, you will get a spot to breed her with Þráinn frá Flagbjarnarholti on July 9th this summer.

The mare is sold without the price of the stud fee, since of course there is always the chance of a mare not getting pregnant.   So if the mare becomes pregnant then there is the official price of the stud fee to be paid by the end of the breeding season.   It is, however, since the very same day as he did set the new world record, full AND a waiting list to get to him immediately after Landsmót.  So don´t hesitate, look at our list of available mares for sale here, and get in touch with us for more information.

List of mares for sale during Landsmót 2018.

All of those mares are here in Holtsmúli and possible to come and see them.  Please contact us for more information, more pictures and videos, and make an appointment to come and look for your dream mare, and breed her to the highest judged Icelandic horse in the world!

On the picture is Kveikja frá Holtsmúla, one of the mares for sale.  She is a sister to famous Kiljan frá Holtsmúla, a very successful T1 competition horse.