15.08.2019 | News

Attention customers with pension horses at Úrvalshestar in Holtsmúli

Please note, that we will be herding in all of the horses "living" in Holtsmúli with us on Tuesday August 20th.  All horses will come home, and if you own one of them and will be needing it any time before November 15th then please let us know, as we will then make sure that your horse will be kept behind and pastured where it is easy to get to.

If we don´t hear from you, your horse will go back out with the herd and enjoy the lush grass and variety in landscape in our huge pasture for 3 more months before coming home for winter feeding.  It is very difficult to catch a horse in this big pasture, and therefore we do things this way, herd them home once in the summer so that all can be taken home that are due to be exported or start training or for any other reason need to be caught before early or mid November.   

It is, however, a priviledge for the horses to grow up in landscape where there is great variability consisting of wetland, old hayfields, a river, steep hills and everything there between.   It teaches the horses courage to cross variable footing, and strengthens their muscles, tendons and ligaments which is priceless later in training.

Note that all mares with foals by their sides, as well as young stallions, stay here in Holtsmúli at all times so you do not need to contact us if you need to get to your mare during this time.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this.