16.05.2019 | News

Summer pastures are waiting for the horses

After a calm winter at home with plenty of hay coming regularly their way every couple of days, summer pastures are finally almost ready to be entered by the horses.  Later this month we will start to transfer most of the younger horses that are boarding in Holtsmúli from home to summer pastures that are several kilometers away from home.  

These pastures are great for the young horses to grow up in.   They have very variable landscape so that the horses experience a lot of different things.  There is a river they have to cross, there are hills.... yes and steep hills.   There are wetlands, and dry lands, and last not least, more than a hundred hectars to run around in and exercise the muscles and cardiovascular system.

We consider ourselves lucky to have access to this during the summer.   Of course we keep all stallions here at home though in safe pastures, and all mares with foals are under closer surveillance.

But the main reason for this article is to let everyone know that is boarding his/her horse here in Holtsmúli, that the horse will go on it´s summer vacation later this month, and not be available until late August unless you let us know.   So please, if you need your horse before end of August, contact us and let us know so that we can keep it at home.