Price for board

Úrvalshestar offer board for horses to stay for a longer period of time.   Board for horses that stay for less than one year is relatively more expensive, but depends on time of year and amount of dewormers given. Our goal is to provide a safe environment where horses are well fed and cared for.   Horses are kept  in large pastures, dewormed regularly, and hooves trimmed on a regular basis.   Prices vary depending on the type of horse (stallion, pregnant mare, geldings, non-pregnant mares)  Úrvalshestar ask that a two day notice be given prior to picking up horses, and longer notice may be needed in summer and fall when horses are further away from the farm in very big pastures.   All prices include VAT. 

Pregnant mares need big amounts of top quality hay
Hay is rolled out so everyone has access
It is also nice to take a nap in the hay!


Mares in foal

Yearly board                   1.300 Euros per year
Included:  Full board and regular deworming schedule.   Board for the foal of the mare until the end of the year it is born.   Mares are checked regularly and  monitored very closely as they near foaling until foal is several days old.   Extra safety measures are taken to ensure safe births for mare and foal.

Geldings and non-pregnant mares 1 year old and up

Yearly board              1.100 Euros per year
Included: Full board, regular deworming and hoof trimming schedule.   Monitored regularly. 


Stallions one to three years old

One year olds - 130 euros per month

Two year olds - 140 euros per month

Three year olds - 150 euros per month

Included: Full board, regular deworming and hoof trimming schedule.   Monitored regularly. 

Please note that we do not accept stallions that are
not halter broken.   If they are not, we can train them
to be halter trained.  Prices according to price list.

Boarding stallions older than three years is available on a limited basis only.  Please contact us for information on that.

Please note that any veterinary costs which arise due to accident or illness are not included in the fee for board. All veterinary costs are the responsibility of the horse owner.