Urvalshestar offer complete service on training horses, whatever their role in life will be.  We offer training for horses at all ages, starting with handling of youngsters and evaluation which you can read about here.

Read here about Handling Young Horses

We also run a big program with starting young horses, and have excellent facilities for that.  Big boxes, an indoor arena and excellent trails that offer varying environment are perfect to introduce your young horse to quality training in different surroundings.

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We take horses in for advanced training, in which our classical background gives a sound base to everything we do.  Svanhildur and Magnús oversee all training of all horses, but working students that stay here in Neðra-Sel assist.

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Svanhildur and Magnus both have years of experience in working with horses at all ages, and besides being certified FT trainers, they have learned under Masters like Monty Roberts, Chris Cox, Peter DeCosemo, Horst Becker and many more.   Please contact us about training your horse.