Æra frá Holtsmúla 1

IS2012281107 | Grey born red

Æra is a typical Þeyr baby, with her long legs and light body and very big movements. She prefers trot but shows a lot of tolt as well. Great material for four gaited competition.

Nobody knew Æra was on the way since her mother was ultrasounded not in foal at the end of the breeding season in 2011.  It was, therefore, a happy moment when she was finally born in the beginning of September.  Æra is therefore quite young in the pictures and video, or about 10 months.  Her long neck is very raised, thin at the throat and long giving her an elegant look.  The trot is full of suspension and very flashy.  Æra is an attractive foal in any group.





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Æra Holtsmúla 1