Perla frá Holtsmúla 1

IS2016281108 | Chestnut

Perla is a very tall and beautiful mare. She moves around in all five gaits, and it seems that one is not really favored over another. Perla is pregnant with the fantastic Ljósvaki frá Valstrýtu who has, among other qualities, 10 for tölt!

Perla is very friendly and likes to be around people.   She is the first one to come and greet us when we visit the herd.   Her neck is very long and raised, on tall withers and thin at the throat.   Her legs are very long and the body light, which makes her look super elegant.


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  • Sær Bakkakoti
  • Hátíð Hellu
  • Garpur Auðholtshjáleigu
  • Tinna Svignaskarði
Perla Holtsmúla 1