It is soon the time of year when we move horses to summer pastures

May 28, 2020

In ca mid June we will be taking all youngsters, geldings and mares, living in Holtsmúli to their summer pasture.   This pasture is a little bit away from the farm, and provides them with freedom from human counters for a couple of months, and gives them a chance to develop strenght and stamina in hilly meadows where they cross rivers and graze on different types of land.  It is absolutely a priviledge for them to grow up in pastures like that, and we will be taking them there once there is surely abundant grass.  Because we do not catch those horses often for the next couple of months, then we need to hear from our customers that board horses here, and know if you need to get a hold of your horses before the end of August.   If you don´t, then your youngster will go to this big pasture and not be available to be handled until the end of August.   If you do need your horse for training, export or other purposes before that time, then we will of course keep the horse in a different pasture where it can be accessed when you need.

Of course all young stallions, as well as broodmares with their foals will stay right here at home in Holtsmúli.

So if you need your pension horse anytime before end of August, then please let us know so that we can keep it at home.  If we don´t hear from you, your horse will go and enjoy summer in real Icelandic outback pastures.

Happy horses in grassy summer pastures
Happy horses in grassy summer pastures