New barn under construction

July 12, 2020

Life in the stable here in Holtsmúli this summer has been characterized by having a construcion site practically in the middle of it.   We have now finished all work with concrete, and two days ago the actual building arrived and is now laying in pieces on the ground!

We are told that now it will be very few weeks until the actual building is up and we are hoping that everything goes according to plan.  After that it will take a few weeks to get everything ready on the inside, but the plan is to be done before the winter.

Right now the horses are getting used to just about everything, but some examples include bulldozers tearing down buildings, huge trucks full of wet concrete and construction cranes.  Of course the carpenters with their hammers and machines are also becoming a familiar environment for them.   It is amazing how quickly most horses get used to just about everything.

The current status of the barn
The current status of the barn