Self confidence

May 4, 2009

The goal behind initial horse training is to make the trainer the horse’s leader. The leadershiprole is achieved when the horse trusts and respects the trainer. A green horse will show trust for example when they let a trainer catch them out in the field and touch them anywhere on their bodies. A horse in training will show respect for their trainer when the horse yields, without fear of the trainer when he is asked to do so. There are many ways to achieve this leadership role, probably as many ways as there are horse trainers. Most training methods are however accompanied by drawbacks that do not achieve this goal until much later if the goal is even reached.

In addition, the initial training needs to teach a horse those drills that are necessary for him to conduct his future work with confidence. A prerequisite for such teaching to take packe efficiently and effectively are that the leadership role of the trainer has been established, and is reinforced at the begining of each riding and training session. What is taught needs to be rehearsed again and again until the horse shows confidence in his abilities of those exercises. Now the trainers abilities are put to the test, because he has to be consistent and exacting in his craft. Only then will the horse be allowed to build up consistent and confident behavior but also his selfconfidence begins to form. A self confident horse is a sign that the horse knows his capabilities. A self confident horse is a proude horse. It can be seen and felt.

Is you horse selfconfident?

Magnús Lárusson

Self confidence