Úrvalshestar offer board for horses

We offer longtime board for foaling mares, young stallions, and other youngsters.  Our goal is to provide a safe environment where horses are well fed and cared for. Horses are kept in large pastures, dewormed regularly, and hooves trimmed on a regular basis. Prices vary depending on the type of horse (stallion, pregnant mare, geldings, non-pregnant mares).   Úrvalshestar ask that a two day notice be given prior to picking up horses, and longer notice may be needed in summer and fall when horses are further away from the farm in  bigger summer pastures.

All prices include VAT.

Feeding and care
Pregnant mares need big amounts of top quality hay

Feeding and care

All horses are split up in groups based on nutritional needs.  With a few exceptions, the foaling and/or lactating mares go together with yearlings since those are the horses with the highest nutritional needs.   Older horses go together as a group, and stallions of course being separate.  The stallions roam in a very big pasture during the summer which is surrounded by double fencelines to keep them far away from other horses.

The broodmares are here in Holtsmúli all year long, and we keep them very close to the barn during foaling season so that we can keep a very close eye on them.  The extra surveillance mostly includes making sure that everything goes as planned with the foaling, and that the mare safely gets rid of the placenta.  We also of course make sure that the foal is doing well, getting up and nursing. 

Yearlings and older horses are fed here in Holtsmúli during the winter, but are transferred to huge summer pastures in the spring as soon as there is enough grass.  Lush grass, hills, rivers and diverse landscape characterizes these pastures.  The horses enjoy the freedom, and develop strength and stamina living in those fantastic pastures.  We take the horses back home to Holtsmúli ca in October each year, or timely enough so that they are back home well before winter weather is here, and it is necessary to feed them hay.  

Please note, that when the horses are in those summer pastures, it can be difficult or impossible for us to get them with short notice.   So, if you need to take your horses during the summer months, then let us know so that we can keep the horse closer to home.

The horses happily run out to summer pastures
Included in feeding costs
The hay rolled out to secure access to everyone

Included in feeding costs

Included in the annual board is hay and pasture as needed, regular deworming, trimming of hooves and close surveillance.   The rate for pregnant mares is higher than for non pregnant ones both because they have larger nutritional needs, and the care of the foal is included after it is born and through the rest of the year.   Please note that we do not accept horses that are not halter broken.  If they are not halter broken, we do offer that service.  The price and a description of what we do can be viewed here.

Please note that any vet cost incurred which is not a part of the boarding routine, such as cost due to diseases or injuries, is the responsibility of the owner.  

Price for board


  • Born in 2019 euro 150 per month
  • Born in 2020 euros 140 per month
  • Born in 2021 euros 130 per month

As a general rule we don´t accept older stallions

Pregnant mares:  1.300 euros per year

Other horses:  1.100 euros per year.

All prices include tax