Úrvalshestar offer clinics on a variety of subjects.   If you want to spend a couple of days on a subject, or get us to teach a couple of days of private lessons, then we can come to your place, or you can come to Holtsmúli and we organize it together.  Sometimes we advertise specific clinics, and in that case an ad will show up in our news feed.

Magnus teaches a student how to set up a horse for a judgement on conformation

The subject of a clinic can be anything related to horses and/or horsemanship.   All depending your whishes.  Here are a few examples of popular subjects:

  • Handling and evaluation of young horses
  • Breeding judgement, conformation and/or riding abilities
  • General riding, effectiveness of the aids
  • Tölt and tölt riding
  • Pace and pace riding and training
  • Dressage movements and how they help with improving the gaits of the Icelandic horse
  • Clinics for beginning riders
  • Clinics for children or young people
  • Clinics on starting young horses

Hafðu samband ef þú hefur áhuga á einhverju af þessu eða vilt hanna þitt eigið námskeið með okkur. Við ferðumst um allt land til að kenna. Veljum saman hentugar tímasetningar og gerum alvöru úr þessu.