Úrvalshestar ehf
Holtsmúli, 851 Hella
Tel: +354 451 2237 GSM: +354 659 2238
E-mail: urvalshestar@urvalshestar.is

Úrvalshestar is a company owned and run by Magnús Lárusson

Úrvalshestar´s operation is about horse breeding and many other things related to it.  We produce around 15 foals every year, we train horses both our own and we take in horses from others for training, we teach clinics and lessons, and we run a pension farm and board horses from outside owners.  We always offer horses for sale, and take pride in offering high quality, young, and promising breeding horses for sale as well as older sport and riding horses of all kinds.

Magnús lives in Holtsmúli 1 with his two daughters, Edda Margrét who was born on January 8th, 2006 and Berglind María born on May 29th 2008.  In addition to the family, three or four working students generally live in Holtsmúli at all times.  These students come from all over the world to learn how to train and ride horses.  In return for learning how to ride and train, those students work in the barn and practice what they learn.

In Holtsmúli there is a fantastic facility to train and ride horses.  The barn holds 40 horses, and we have two riding arenas.  We invite everyone to come and visit us and get to know Úrvalshestar and its operation.

This is how you find us:

We are situated ca 90 km from Reykjavík.  To get here, you drive east out of Reykjavík, through Selfoss, and keep heading east on highway #1 until you get to a roundabout at a gas station ca 20 km east of Selfoss.  There you take road 26 to the left, and follow it for 11 km.  Then you see a sign for Holtsmúli on your right, and as soon as you get up on top of that hill, the farm is right in front of you.

Here you can pay us a short cybervisit.

You are welcome to Holtsmúli anytime, please contact us via e-mail or phone, and we look forward to meet you.