Horse training

Horse training

Úrvalshestar offer training of horses at all training levels.  Magnús Lárusson oversees all horse related work, and working students assist.  Magnús has a Master´s degree in Equine Sciences, and a long experience of training horses.  We work with all horses five times per week, Monday through Friday.  In between training sessions, the horses spend as much time as possible, pending the weather, several of them together in turnouts. 

Below are links to information on our training methodology.  We also offer fitness program for horses which is only intended to improve their .  We have a great track which is about one kilometer long, and the horses run several rounds every day depending on the status of their physical fitness.   This is a great way of getting horses into cardiovascular fitness, burning fat, and prepare them for other more strenuous work.

Here are a few horses on the run

Starting young horses

Here you can read about our program for starting young horses.  This work is about teaching the horse to safely carry a rider in walk, trot and canter.

Advanced training

After the horse has been safely started under saddle, a more advanced training can begin.  Here we teach the horse to move in correct outline in all gaits, in addition to making the horse generally more athletic.

Handling and evaluation of youngsters

Education of horses from the time of weaning until they are about 3 - 4 years old, and evaluation of their temperament, movements and conformation.  The owner gets a written evaluation at the end of the training period.

Price for training

Price for training and farrier work is as follows:

  • Training 1 month gelding or mare 84.000 ISK plus VAT
  • Training 1 month stallion 84.000 ISK plus VAT
  • Cardiovascular training gelding or mare 54.000 ISK plus VAT
  • Shoeing 12.000 ISK plus VAT

If the horses stays in training for a shorter time than one month then the price is calculated accordingly.

All horses that come to Holtsmúli to stay need to be microchipped.  If they are not then we can provide that service.   Price is 6.500 ISK plus VAT

Price for training