Brynja frá Skammbeinsstöðum

IS1997286868 | Black

Conformation: 8,11
Riding Abilities: 8,24
Total: 8,19

1 Verðlaun

Five gaited mare with pace that is as good as it gets! Beautiful and excellent temperament.

Brynja is a big and handsome mare who is unusually talented in pace in addition to all the other gaits being very good. She has gotten 9,5 for pace, showing great sprints and she is an interesting addition to our herd of mares, and without a doubt, the best pace horse. Brynja has a long, supple neck, strong topline and long legs and therefore, is very handsome and fits our breeding goal well. 

Owned by Úrvalshestar

Breeding Judgement

Head 8,0
Neck 8,5
Back and croup 8,5
Proportions 8,0
Leg quality 8,0
Correctness of legs 8,5
Hooves 7,5
Mane and tail 7,5
Riding Abilities
Tolt 8,0
Trot 7,5
Pace 9,5
Gallop 8,0
Willingness 8,5
Form under ride 8,0
Walk 7,0
Slow tolt 8,0
Canter 8,0
Conformation 8,11
Riding Abilities 8,24

Total 8,19


  • Ása-Þór Stóra-Hofi
  • Tinna Stóra-Hofi
  • Hrafn Holtsmúla
  • Sunna Kirkjubæ
  • Starri Skammbeinsstöðum
  • Nótt Keldudal
Brynja Skammbeinsstöðum