Dís frá Holtsmúla 1

IS2010281099 | Red pinto

Dís is first and foremost a natural tolter that everyone can ride. She is unusually trustworthy, light on the reins, and easy to control. Dís is furthermore well built and a talented five gaited mare with excellent bloodlines. Her mother is first prize and has thrown a first prize stallion.

Beautiful, refined and light, yet strongly built filly with tolt as a gait of choice.   We expect this mare to score quite high for conformation and based on the look of her offspring, can recommend her for breeding.


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  • Álfasteinn Selfossi
  • Ljónslöpp Ketilsstöðum
  • Skorri Blönduósi
  • Assa Steinnesi
Dís Holtsmúla 1