Mirra frá Holtsmúla 1

IS2020281111 | Blue dun

Mirra is tall and very handsome. She shows big gaits in both tolt and trot.

Mirra has very long legs, and the neck is raised and long as well.   All this, along with a proportional body, results in a very flattering look that is decorated with big movements.  Mirra is a sister (out of the same mother) as the Steggur frá Hrísdal, who is one of the most successful sport horse in four gait and tolt in Iceland for the last several years.  This filly is very promising for both breeding and competition. 


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  • Álfur Selfossi
  • Pyttla Flekkudal
  • Þór Prestsbakka
  • Feykja Ingólfshvoli
Mirra Holtsmúla 1