Mist frá Holtsmúla 1

IS2015281111 | Chestnut with a star

Mist travels with very high leg action and long strides in both trot and tolt. Her presence is characterized by liveliness, joy for running around and playing.

The neck is very raised, and supple.   There are great sport horses in her pedigree, so we are hopeful for a promising sport horse.  Her sire is the 4 times national champion in T1 Stormur frá Herríðarhóli, who also has won Landsmót Tolt two times.  No other horse has ever achieved anything remotely like that.  Mist´s mother has also thrown one of the most successful four gaited stallions (first prize) in Iceland, Steggur frá Hrísdal who has an excellent record in tolt and four gait.  Mist had a foal at the age of four, and is starting her training now at the age of five.


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  • Aron Strandarhöfði
  • Hera Herríðarhóli
  • Þór Prestsbakka
  • Feykja Ingólfshvoli
Mist Holtsmúla 1