Þórkatla frá Holtsmúla 1

IS2012281110 | Silver dapple bay

Þórkatla has two major great attributes, very much soft natural tolt, and very cooperative temperament.

She is of average size, and has very good proportions and long legs.   The color is very attractive, but we would have liked to see more mane and tail.   Tolt is totally her gait of choice, and she is also very balanced in canter.   She has such a cooperative temperament that everyone feels safe on her, and she is a great riding horse.


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  • Þristur Feti
  • Kjarnorka Kommu
  • Þrymur Geirshlíð
  • Elding Stóru-Ásgeirsá
Þórkatla Holtsmúla 1