Þula frá Hofi I

IS2000277786 | Chestnut

Conformation: 7,94
Riding Abilities: 8,06
Total: 8,01

1 Prize

Þula is a big and handsome mare who got 1 prize as a four year old, already scoring at this young age an impressive 9 for tolt and 9,5 for gallop. She has been a brood mares ever since.

Þula is big and handsome with a long, arched, and high set neck and very tall withers.  She has long legs, and very strong legs and hooves.  She is very friendly and comes to you when you visit the herd of mares.

Owned by Úrvalshestar

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Breeding Judgement

Head 7,5
Neck 8,5
Back and croup 7,0
Proportions 8,0
Leg quality 8,0
Correctness of legs 7,5
Hooves 8,0
Mane and tail 7,0
Riding Abilities
Tolt 9,0
Trot 8,0
Pace 5,0
Gallop 9,0
Willingness 8,5
Form under ride 8,5
Walk 8,0
Slow tolt 9,0
Canter 9,0
Conformation 7,94
Riding Abilities 8,06

Total 8,01


  • Orri Þúfu
  • Leira Ey
  • Þokki Garði
  • Stóra-Jörp Hala
  • Andvari Ey
  • Þokkadís Hala
Þula Hofi I