Máni frá Holtsmúla 1

IS2014181111 | Red dun with a blaze

Máni moves in trot and shows much tolt as well. Very cooperative temperament.

Máni is great looking with big movements.     The gaits have very high quality, there is much suspension in the trot and canter, and the tolt is supple.  He is out of the same mother as the well known sport horse and breeding stallion Steggur frá Hrísdal, and the sire is an extremely well accomplished sport horse with a lot of medals already, Konsert frá Korpu.


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  • Sær Bakkakoti
  • Hátíð Hellu
  • Þór Prestsbakka
  • Feykja Ingólfshvoli
Máni Holtsmúla 1