Úrvalshestar breeding program first began in 2003 when Magnús and Svanhildur got seven foals.  Several years back Magnus was the director of the breeding program at Hólar College and there he bred for example the Landsmót winners Þoka frá Hólum and Þula frá Hólum in addition to the National Champion in Tolt (sport competition) Blæja frá Hólum.  Many other outstanding individuals were born in Hólar under the supervision of Magnús.  Kría frá Lækjamóti is an old first prize mare that has belonged to Magnús since she was five years old.  Kría has thrown many good horses and we now have four Kría daughters in our breeding program.

Breeding Goals

We have clear goals as to what kind of horses we want to breed.  We have bought mares according to this breeding goal and we use stallions that we think will supplement each mare as well as possible, of course according to that same goal.  Here is a detailed list of the type of horse that we want to breed:

We want to breed big horses with abundant mane and tail.  We emphasize the neck, that it is high set on tall withers, and that the shape of it is round, long, shallow and thin.  The proportions have second priority, and long legs are most important.  We furthermore find it important that the body is well proportioned, cylindrical and topline and underline parallel.  The back should have its lowest point close to its middle, be broad and muscled as well as the croup.  We aim for varying colors as long as it doesn´t come before other traits.

Gaits should be characterized by high leg lift, long strides, lightness and flexibility.  Trot and canter should have a lot of suspension, but we don´t care whether the horse has four or five gaits as long as he is capable of varying speed.

We want our horses to be brave and somewhat reactive for increased responsiveness.