Skuggadís frá Holtsmúla 1

IS2012281119 | Blue dun

Staka is characterized by a lot of power and speed, and runs around and plays a lot. She usually seems to be behind her mother, and it was, therefore, really difficult to make a good video of her despite many attempts! This filly has extremely high leg action.

We were though able to see that there is plenty of tolt and trot talent in this mare, and travelling in high speed without breaking gait does not seem to be a problem.  She has quite long legs and the neck is supple.


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  • Galsi Sauðárkróki
  • Jónína Hala
  • Platon Sauðárkróki
  • Kolbrún Lækjarbotnum
Skuggadís Holtsmúla 1