Þöll frá Holtsmúla 1

IS2010281110 | Chestnut

Þöll is a very friendly, easy to ride, and cooperative mare that almost everybody can ride. She is very light on the reins, has excellent brakes, yet is willing to do what she is asked for immediately. She has various duties here in Holtsmúli, she is a herding horse (you can see her work in the video), she is used very much for lessons, and just flat out, if someone needs a horse, she is often the first choice.

Þöll uses light trot and tolt, and what characterizes her is the ease of going, and how easy it is to control her.  She will stand still for mounting and dismounting, and she is very easy to catch in the pasture.  The young riders in the video are the girls in Holtsmúli, Edda 10 years old, and Berglind 8 years old, and neither of them had tried Þöll before.  

Þöll is extremely well bred, she is out of the same mother as our elite stallion Þeyr frá Holtsmúla, so she is out of first prize parents.  




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Þöll Holtsmúla 1