Kiljan frá Holtsmúla 1

IS2008181103 | Black

Conformation: 7,85
Riding Abilities: 7,95
Total: 7,91

Kiljan is a fantastic four gaiter, and has great record in T1

Kiljan is an unusually talented tölter.   Her participated in his first T1 competition when he was barely 5 years old, and scored over 7!  The following year he was already scoring over 8 in finals.   The following year he was third in the National Championships, following the World Champion Þokki frá Efstu-Grund and another WC finalist, Jarl frá Miðfossum.   That was his last season here in Iceland as he lives now in Denmark, but hasn´t competed much since he was exported.


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Breeding Judgement

Head 7,5
Neck 8,0
Back and croup 8,0
Proportions 8,0
Leg quality 8,0
Correctness of legs 7,5
Hooves 7,5
Mane and tail 8,0
Riding Abilities
Tolt 9,0
Trot 8,0
Pace 5,0
Gallop 8,0
Willingness 8,5
Form under ride 8,5
Walk 8,0
Slow tolt 9,0
Canter 8,0
Conformation 7,85
Riding Abilities 7,95

Total 7,91


  • Óður Brún
  • Yrsa Skjálg
Kiljan Holtsmúla 1