Assa frá Hólum

IS1992258310 | Red with white hairs in face

Conformation: 8,05

1. verðlaun fyrir byggingu

Assa is a handsome and big mare, four gaited with flashy movements. Great sport horse.

Assa is big and handsome, bred and shown by Magnus. Assa was injured at a young age and never recovered well enough to show her best. Assa has first prize for conformation and has an impressive presence.


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Breeding Judgement

Head 7,5
Neck 8,5
Back and croup 8,5
Proportions 9,0
Leg quality 7,5
Correctness of legs 8,0
Hooves 7,0
Mane and tail 7,0
Conformation 8,05


  • Hrafn Holtsmúla
  • Glókolla Kjarnholtum
  • Hervar Sauðárkróki
  • Snælda Lækjamóti
Assa Hólum